Candy Scent, Our Company


Candy Scent was established in 2008 to provide holistic and organic skin, hair & body care for the whole family, those who like natural and organic products and anyone who appreciates Mother Nature.

Some of our products are made by Candy (the founder) herself, and others are made by natural companies in USA & UK. The fragrances are formulated by an organic chemist based in Egypt. The products and ingredients we offer have been especially selected because of their proven health benefits.

Here at Candy Scent we are passionate about our bodies, concerned about our health and serious about the exclusive use of natural and organic products. We are strongly against the use of chemicals that contain harmful toxins and believe that nature has provided us with a wealth of natural beautifying treasures, so avoiding toxicity and chemicals is a must. Candy Scent was born following a near death experience suffered by Candy. After the birth of her second son, she developed a number of ulcers and abscesses within her body that had remained undetected during her pregnancy.

Upon her recovery, she strongly believed that her health issues where partly caused by the vast amount of unnecessary toxins her body had been exposed to through the use of chemically formulated hair and body products as well as fragrances. That was the beginning of her Holistic Journey and the birth of Candy Scent.

Candy Scent in the Press!

Candy Scent has been featured and interviewed by the following press and media

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