Shea butter is used as an effective moisturiser and contains many fatty acids, which are needed to retain the moisture and elasticity of the skin. Shea butter is an excellent choice in preserving the texture of the skin.

Shea Butter is naturally rich in a number of vitamins A, E, & F which are the most popular.

Vitamin A & E balances and normalises the skin which helps keep it clear and healthy and particularly beneficial for dry or sun exposed skin.
Vitamin A has soothing and hydrating properties, they provide healthy skin collagen which prevents premature wrinkles, premature facial lines and premature slackened skin.
Vitamin F acts as a skin protector and revitalises and soothes rough, dry or chapped skin on contact and also helps soften and revitalize dry or damaged hair. Vitamin F consists of linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids, the three essential fatty acids needed in the skin.
It has been clinically shown to provide benefits from many skin problems.

Here are some of the benefits of Shea Butter for the skin:

  • Even skin tone & Reduces blemishes and scarring
  • Preventing bumps after shaving from razor irritation
  • Helps restore elasticity to skin
  • Eczema & Dry skin relief
  • Daily skin moisturizer (face and body)
  • Skin rash- including diaper rash
  • Skin peeling, after tanning
  • Blemishes and wrinkles
  • Soften tough skin on feet and cracked heels
  • Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy

Shea butter should be stored at room temperature to ensure the effectiveness of the butter.

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Moringa_Candy Scent Moringa Oleifera is commonly know all over the world by a variety of names: Moringa, Malunggay, Shevaga, and a few classics such as “Mothers Best Friend,” “The Tree of Life” and “Natures Medicine Cabinet.”  Moringa happens to be the only genus in the family Moringaceae.  Moringa Oleifera is one of 12 different types of “Moringa” that grow around the world and arguably the most beneficial.

Moringa is a very rare plant in that it contains a vast vitamin and mineral spectrum including: Vitamin A, B1,B2,B3,C calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, protein, zinc and more.

  • 7 Times the Vitamin C of oranges
  • 4 Times the Vitamin A of carrots
  • 4 Times the Calcium of milk
  • 3 Times the Potassium of bananas
  • 2 Times the Protein of yogurt


The miraculous and truly remarkable Coconut Oil.

This oil is full of wonders and is beneficial for you from head to toe. For skin it is a moisturizer, antibiotic, multivitamin, multi-nutrient, nourishing, anti-aging, anti wrinkle and anti-oxidant – All in one! And it is completely natural too!

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How We Make Our Soap_Candy Scent When professionally formulated, there is NO alkali left in the finished soap. All soaps have super fat /oils left in the soap unconverted by the lye. This allows some oil to remain in its original form which provides moisturising, protective and conditioning layer on the skin after use.

All of our handmade soaps contain the following ingredients:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Distilled Water
  • Aromatherapy
  • Essential Oils
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Organic Botanicals Natural Plant Colours and Clays


Q: What’s the difference between perfume oils and perfume?
A: Please do not confuse these fragrance oils with cologne or essential oils. Pure fragrance oils are far more sophisticated than perfume with fillers. Never offensive or overpowering, long lasting and balanced.Q: Is Pure Perfume better for you?
A: Just like jewellery, pure fragrance oils vary tremendously in quality. We have put an incredible amount of time and effort into selecting the best possible quality pure fragrance oils. Pure fragrance oils are truly what the designer of the fragrance had in mind when it was created.Q: Do your products contain alcohol?
A: No they do not. All commercially available “perfumes” are actually fragrance oils with fillers. The fillers are usually alcohol and sometimes water.Q: Why do they add alcohol?
A: The primary purpose of alcohol is to cause the perfume oils to evaporate faster than they would by themselves, sometimes as much as or 15 times more quickly. This gives the impression that the perfume is considerably stronger than it actually is. That is why, when you first put on a commercial fragrance, the aroma may sometimes seem overwhelming to those around you. This also explains why the scent fades dramatically within one or two hours. The fragrance oils have evaporated along with the alcohol.

The second reason for all those fillers is just clever marketing — a bigger and fancier bottle containing fragrance plus fillers seems like a much better value than a smaller one of pure oil.

Q:What are the common problems with Alcohol Perfume?
A: Alcohol tends to kill off or mask some of the subtle notes in many fragrances. Ethyl alcohol is the most popular alcohol added as it is extremely caustic. Many people who think they are allergic to perfume are actually allergic to the alcohol added to the perfume.

Alcohol is a drying agent – it makes things evaporate including the fragrance and your natural body oils.


Our fragrance oils last on most people up to 12 to 24 hours – depending on your body chemistry. Unlike perfumes with fillers added – which have a normal shelf life of 6 to 18 months, pure perfume oils keep their fragrance year after year.

Q: Are your fragrance oils fake?
A: There exists a certain “mystique” around the fragrance industry. The courts have held that – fragrance is something that belongs to nature and not to any individual. As a result of this a fragrance cannot be patented or copyrighted. On the other hand a brand name can be copyrighted and registered and others may not profit from its use. For this reason we want to be very clear that we do not represent any particular perfume house or their products. Our oils are inspired by these remarkable designers.